Coimbra, the more complex caracter of the movie, tells the story:

I am not only a city. I am a glasshouse. A student natural reserve where they leave totally free. I am a sort of sweet, between adolescence an adult age.  But only for those who are able to study there.         The best of them. They know they are part of an elite.
One morning of january comes a man. He gets in love with me and with my girls. Dum he is, he doesn’t get that I don’t give myself to whom just likes me, but more to whom is authorized to be there. And that his love is not enough to open my old secret gates.

Festival of Venice | Competition

Montreal International Festival

Dijon Premier Plan Festival | competition

Gwanju International Cinema Festival

IInd Festival of Iberic and Eureopean CinemaI

Braga International Cinema Festival

and much more...

Screened in movie theatres in Portugal and France

Edited twice in DVD.

Best Portuguese actress prize

for Margarida Carvalho

Author Prize 2010 from Portuguese Authors

Society (SPA) and RTP (TV network)

Cinema Mostra International de Cinema

of São Paulo

Competition Novos Realizadores

International Film Festival of Tróia

and many others

Released in theatres in Portugal and in DVD.



I made this film to believe in love.

To be able to confront with the audience.

So that all the facisct powers get destroyed.

So that everyone I had seen crying, one day gets happier

To get the bliss to film it.

To shaken the conservatives as ambiguous, impure and fragile forces.

To overcome all my limits.

Because I saw God and the Devil on the earth of the sun.

Because now life is worth it.

Raquel Freire


writing and direction Raquel Freire

photography Acácio de Almeida

sound Vasco Pimentel

editing Rodolfo Wedeles
producer Paulo Branco
Madragoa filmes | Clap Filmes

Gemini Films France 2001


Ricardo Aibéo (Edgar)
Ana Teresa Carvalhosa (Ana Rita)
Isabel Ruth (Dr. Zita Portugal)
Paula Marques (Maria dos Anjos)
Ana Moreira (Laura)

Ivo Ferreira (Miguel)
Ana Brandão (Inês)
Luís Miguel Cintra (Professor)

Paulo Rocha (Dr. Portugal)
Paulo Sucena (Reitor)

Cândido Ferreira

Sara de Castro

Susana Vidal

Sandra Rosado

Pedro Cal

Miguel Moreira

Lúcia Sigalho

Vasco Freire

Miguel Melo

Nicola Brites

Gonçalo Amorim


Vasco Pimentel

click here to watch the filmhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v8mMjk3VxM
click here to watch the trailershttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqW4FDeKp2o