There is a time will all know.

In the dark night.

When you loose all what can be lost, what makes you going on?

The worst inside you?

Or our best?

What stops from jumping over the first bridge?

What are able to do to survive to the most terrible pain?

You love with the guts in the outside.

What can you for love?

How can you survive with a broken heart?

How long last a feeling?

Is there a deadline?

Did you already die for love?

You cannot live without love.

Love save you.

Love kills you.

Love cures you.

There is a Porto where you die of love.

There is a club where everything is allowed.




I did this film because I believe in love.

This film is the result of an act of love between a tem of numerous people.

I made this film because I chose to live with love as a vital force, making an effort of empathy towars others. Believing in sharing, in the other as someone different of oneself, in love - in love in the most absolute way.

I made this film with the colors of love, not the pink love of television ferry tales, but the bloodred love of willing and desire, with the non-romatic color of dignity of the garter knife, the black color of abandon, the purple love of rejection, the fire love of those who consume themselves, the yellow love of the exchanges of insomnia nights, the green love of bile vomits, the brown love of guts in the outside, the dark red love of hemorrhages and renewals.

The people of this film are survivors as we are, already over 25 years old to whom almost everything already happened, and yet who do not give up, going on trying, failing, doing everything wrong and trying again and failing again, but yet going on.

Because the way we live with each other is the most important. Love is political.

I made this film because I believe that love is the opposite of hate, because hate, for sure, is the force of capitalism, hating is always the easiest way, the most destructive, that leads us to a power at the expense and the exploitation of others.

I made this film because in this world where our lives are getting more and more precarious, lonely and fragiles, we must create and build the way we want to live our affects, and yet the way we love. Love hurts, love cures. Love is curing ourselves of the affects that hurt the most.

To love is always revolutionnary.

Love is "infinitely courageous".



Margarida Carvalho

Sofia Marques

Miguel Moreira

Sandra Rosado

Gustavo Vicente

Ana Ribeiro

Gonçalo Amorim

João Garcia Miguel

Susana Vidal

Ana Brandão

Paula Marques

Márcia Breia

Mónica Calle

Vera Mantero

Ivo M. Frreira

Cândido Ferreira

Luís Miguel Felix


written and directed by

Raquel Freire

produced by

Paulo Branco

Gerardo Herrera

cinematography by

Mário Castanheira

Original Music by

Rui Lima

 Sérgio Martins

Film Editing by

Jackie Bastide

Rudolfo Wedeles

assistant director

Tomás Rezende

Isabel Lebre

Art Direction by

Zé Branco

Paula Szabo

makeup artist

Aracelli Fuente

Ana Ferreira

Costume Design by

João Pedro Filipe

Story Taylors


assistant costume designer

Patrícia Dória

Margarida Morins


Production Management

Ana Pinhão

line producer

Nicolas Roussel

Ana Paula Cruz


Pedro Melo 


Camera and Electrical Department

assistant camera

João Pedro Plácido

Paulo Silva

Portugal/Brasil | 2008 | 100 | 1:1,85 | Dolby SRD

A production - CLAP FILMES (Portugal), TORNASOL FILMS (Espanha)

with the participation of MC / ICA - Institute of Cinema, Audiovisual and Multimédia

RTP Rádio and Television of Portugal

and the support of the Institute of Cinematography and Fine Arts.